HSE/ QA/ Environmental Policy
Health and Safety
Sadeem Al-Kuwait is committed to maintaining a workplace where health and safety are an integral part of our business practice.  We encourage and support our employees, suppliers and sub contractors to adhere to all the standard policies and procedures. We implement, review and improve our procedures and business practices to meet our business needs and comply with safety regulations.
Sadeem Al-Kuwait is committed to minimizing the impact on environment and surroundings by continuously maintaining environmental friendly practices when applicable. When possible, we eliminate or minimize any business practices that may have a negative impact on environment. We maintain responsible waste disposal system and promote efficient reuse and recycling of material when possible. We also dispose of debris on our construction sites in methods set forth or approved by the authorities.
Quality Assurance
Sadeem Al-Kuwait is committed to providing the reliable high quality services and products. We continuously monitor, review and improve our business practices to exceed the expectations of our clients. We conduct regular reviews and quality checks on our products and services to maintain the high quality we have been known for.
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